Confined Space Rescue Services, Assessments and Training.

Keeping You Safe While Working in Confined Spaces in Ontario

Rescue operations are quite risky. The hazard is significantly higher when carried out in tight spaces that limit the rescuers’ movements. Rescue teams working in confined spaces must possess a certain set of highly specialized abilities to reduce this danger. Before beginning any missions, they must carry out a preliminary evaluation to understand the level of threat and determine the best line of action to manage or remove it. 

AHT Rescue offers confined space rescue services carried out by emergency response specialists who are all specially trained in emergency response and confined space rescue in Ontario. 

Confined Space Rescue Team — Roles and Responsibilities

A confined space rescue team is a team of highly trained professionals in charge of developing and putting into action rescue procedures on-site, spotting potential risks, setting up and using rescue equipment correctly, taking care of employees inside confined spaces, and completing all necessary paperwork. 

  • Confined Space Entry Rescuer

A confined space entry rescuer is skilled in risk assessment, process formulation, equipment selection, and rule execution. He is in charge of:

    • Checking that the entrance requirements are completed
    • Communicating with all participants and rescue team members to ensure that confined space emergency rescue procedures are understood before entry
    • Terminating entry if required
    • Leading the team in completing a rescue if it is judged essential
  • Confined Space Attendant

A confined space attendant is in charge of coordinating efforts between the rescue crew and outside emergency services and is never permitted to enter or leave the confined space. The duties of a restricted area attendant include:

    • Keeping an eye on confined space entry permits 
    • Alerting rescue personnel when necessary
  • Confined Space Rescue Service and Rescuer

A confined space rescue service and rescuer must be able to:

    • Analyze confined spaces for risks
    • Install rescue-related equipment
    • Verify that outside safety precautions are being followed
    • Complete paperwork
    • Execute entry rescues as necessary
    • Administer medical care

It is AHT Rescue’s objective to offer more than just compliance and develop rescue strategies that maximize safety for everyone. All our rescue service providers are constantly looking out for our client’s needs and going above and beyond to support them in achieving their goals.

Coming up With a Confined Space Rescue Plan

confined space
AHT Rescue provides confined space training covering topics including confined space regulations, working in confined spaces, identifying confined spaces, air monitoring in confined spaces, and confined space equipment. Through these training sessions, your employees will be completely prepared to enter a confined space. Additionally, employers can make modifications to workplace practices and procedures, and businesses can fully appreciate how crucial an on-site team is to guarantee that confined space entry fulfills and exceeds Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.
  • Confined Space Entry Procedure
    To keep your employees safe, it’s critical to create reliable and effective confined space entry protocols. Your company will benefit from AHT Rescue’s training in evaluating confined places and creating plans through the proper determination of the dangers, safeguards, and equipment needed for each location.
  • Confined Space Rescue Training
    Workers must understand the risks and hazards present, how to manage them, and how to follow confined space safety protocols to perform a task in a confined area correctly and safely. For workers assigned to perform tasks in tight places, AHT Rescue offers this essential training. 

AHT Rescue — Services Beyond Rescue From Confined Space

AHT Rescue offers confined space site assessment, confined space rescue services, and confined space training in Mississauga, Ontario. We are happy to work with you and help with even the most urgent or serious confined space rescue missions.

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