Confined Space Rescue Services, Assessments and Training.

Ensuring Workplace Efficiency, Safety and Compliance

Workplace hazards can occur suddenly and result in injuries and accidents, especially when you’re working in a confined place. Working in confined spaces is a hazardous undertaking and requires a significant amount of planning and care.

With AHT Rescue’s confined space entry attendants and rescuers in Ontario, companies can be confident to operate safely and productively, even in restricted areas. Our confined space entry procedures are designed to maximize the entrant’s safety and ensure swift and effective job execution. We can manage the safety issues at your company thanks to our years of experience, in-depth training, and commitment to safety.

Get to Know our Confined Space Rescue Team

A confined space rescue team is a group of trained workers responsible for designing and implementing rescue procedures onsite, detection of hazards, proper setup and use of equipment required to perform a rescue, monitoring of workers in a confined space, and completing all required documents.

  • What Is a Confined Space Entry Rescuer? 

This person must be proficient in hazard assessment, procedure development, equipment selection, and rule implementation. It’s this person’s responsibility to ascertain if acceptable entry conditions are met, communicate with all entrants and rescue team members that rescue procedures are understood prior to entry, terminate entry if necessary and lead the team in performing a rescue if deemed necessary.

  • What Is a Confined Space Attendant? 

A confined space attendant is never to enter or leave the confined space and is responsible for coordinating between the rescue team and outside emergency services. A confined space attendant’s responsibilities are to monitor authorized entrants and to notify rescue services when necessary.

  • What Is a Confined Space Rescue Service and Rescuer? 

They must know how to perform an assessment of a confined space (including hazards, install rescue-related equipment), check outside safety measures are met, ensure documentation is completed, perform rescue of entrants if deemed necessary, and provide medical treatment.

Importance of Confined Space Entry Program

confined space check

The Confined Space Entry program is intended to ensure the safe entry of personnel and safe work in areas which have been designated “Confined Spaces”, in accordance with Section 60 of the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations for Construction Projects and Confined Space Regulation O.Reg. 632/05.

  • Confined Space Entry Procedure

It’s important to develop foolproof confined space entry procedures to keep your workers safe. AHT rescue will help your organization assess confined spaces and develop plans detailing hazards, controls, and equipment required for each space.

  • Confined Space Rescue Training

Individuals working in confined spaces must have the proper training. AHT Rescue provides the necessary training for personnel tasked to carry out jobs in confined spaces.

AHT Rescue — For a Trusted Confined Space Entry Rescue Services and Training

At AHT Rescue, we provide confined space rescue services, confined space site assessments, fire watch services, and confined space hazard recognition training.

Protect workers from any potential hazards due to poor confined space practices. We offer a confined space training course designed to improve understanding and knowledge associated with safe confined space work practices and hazard management. Our training program is ideal for managers, supervisors, and employees whose job requires them to enter or supervise a worker accessing a confined space.

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