Confined Space Rescue Services, Assessments and Training.

Fires are a major concern in commercial and industrial sites and are destructive to both life and property. Under the Ontario Fire Code buildings are required to be equipped with fire alarm and sprinkler systems and be fully operational at all times. Therefore, in the event any of these systems are off-line for any reason whatsoever, the use of Fire Watch personnel is to be implemented immediately.

Another instance when fire watch is necessary is when hot work is being performed in a building.

AHT Rescue provides fire watch services by experienced professionals with a clear understanding of the importance of keeping your establishment safe from fires when the alarm and sprinkler system is not operating. Our Fire Watch personnel are trained to identify fires, raising alarms and notifying and corresponding with Fire Departments.

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Whether your organization needs professional fire watch security services or confined space awareness training for firefighters, you can count on AHT Rescue. We provide training for rescue techniques in fire and other pertinent skills as well as fire watch services to protect your workplace from hazardous fires. Give us a call at 905.602.1773 for more information. We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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